Magic Grip Padding



Introducing the future of rug padding, Magic Grip Rug Padding made by Magic Touch Products.

Magic Grip Padding is specially formulated from natural silicone latex giving it “SUPER GRIPPING” powers that allows it to “stick” to all hard surfaces. No matter how small or lightweight the rug this pad will hold it in place like magic. It will not stain, mar or disorder standard flooring. Its lightweight natural fiber mesh construction allows the pad to breathe while absorbing humidity making it virtually rip & tear proof. It also makes for a lighter weight roll saving on UPS charges. 3mm (approx. 1/8”) thickness gives this unique pad more cushion than the old hard rubber padding & is perfect for thick as well as thin rugs including needle points machine washable & self drying. We can also custom cut our pad to size and ship it directly to your customer. We use high quality padding tape in a grey matching color for a professional “seamless” look. We are so sure that you will find this to be the best padding you have ever used that we offer a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied we will immediately refund your money. Precut sizes available now. Rolls coming soon. Please call or email for details..